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How Mortgage Applications Work

Learn everything you need to know about how our mortgage applications work here. We'll explain more about our quotation system and how to fill out our application.

Mortgage Applications for Free Quotes

Our mortgage applications enable you to receive up to five free quotes from various lenders on home mortgage loans. Unlike most other sites that offer online mortgage applications, we are not a lender. Thus, we are not trying to sell you our loans. Instead, our goal is to match you with respected local, regional, and national lenders that can meet your mortgage loan needs. Filling out one of our mortgage applications will enable you to view competitive offers from various lenders, thus allowing you to do all of your comparison shopping conveniently on one site. In addition, our lenders know their offers are going to be seen along with those of their top rivals, and this provides added incentive to deliver the best deals possible. We have no say in which lender you may choose to issue your mortgage, you can trust the information we provide to be accurate and unbiased. However, there are some things to know before applying.

How Our Mortgage Applications Work

Filling out one of our mortgage applications is simple. In fact, you can have your quotes in a matter of just a few minutes. Here is how our quotation system works:

  1. Complete our free, online application. The first step is to complete one of our free mortgage applications. Our mortgage applications are very brief and will ask you only for basic information about yourself. You should be able to complete the application in less than five minutes.
  2. We provide you with at least of four home mortgage quotes. In exchange for filling out one of our mortgage applications, we will supply you with at least four home mortgage quotes from various lenders. You will see these quotes instantly upon submitting your application.
  3. Compare your quotes with our user-friendly system. Our quotation system lets you view your quotes side-by-side and in plain, straightforward terms. This way, you can be sure you are comparing apples-to-apples. We present our quotes to you in a way that makes comparison shopping quick and easy.
  4. Apply for the loan of your choice or save your quotes for later. If you see a loan that fits your needs, you can then apply for that loan online. Alternatively, you can save your mortgage applications quotes to review later.
Learn everything you need to know about how our mortgage applications work. Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions about mortgage applications.